Myopia Management in Mississauga
and Its Rise Among Children

Welcome to Arora Optometry, where we are increasingly addressing myopia, a common condition where distant objects appear blurry. In recent years, myopia has become more prevalent in children, a concerning trend that demands attention and action.

Why is Myopia in Children a Growing Concern?

Myopia in children is rising at an alarming rate. Factors such as increased screen time and less outdoor activity contribute to this trend. Understanding these causes is crucial in managing and potentially reversing this pattern.

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Kid's eye exam in Mississauga

Early Detection is Key in Children

Detecting myopia early in children is vital. At Arora Optometry, we use child-friendly diagnostic methods to identify myopia. Early detection allows for timely intervention, which is crucial in preventing the progression of myopia.

Tailored Treatment for Young Eyes

We offer a range of treatment options designed specifically for children. From prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses to exploring surgical options when appropriate, we tailor our approach to each child’s needs.

Children's eye health in mississauga.
What to do after your kid's first eye exam.

Regular Eye Exams: Monitoring Myopia in Children

Regular eye exams are essential in monitoring myopia’s progression in children. These exams help us track changes and adjust treatments as needed, ensuring the best care for your child’s evolving vision needs.

Specialized Management Strategies for Myopia in Children

Our approach to managing myopia in children involves more than just correcting vision. We focus on lifestyle adjustments, such as reducing screen time and increasing outdoor activities, which can significantly impact myopia progression.

Advanced Care for Childhood Myopia

At Arora Optometry, we employ advanced technology and methods to provide the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatments for myopia in children.

Lifestyle Changes to Slow Myopia Progression

We guide parents on lifestyle changes that can help manage their child’s myopia. Encouraging regular breaks from screens and more time outdoors are simple yet effective strategies.

Children's eye health in mississauga.

Schedule a Myopia Assessment for Your Child

If you’re concerned about your child’s vision, schedule a myopia assessment with us. Early intervention is crucial for maintaining healthy vision.

Hear From Families

Read stories from families who have navigated childhood myopia with our help. Their experiences highlight the importance of proactive eye care.

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