Does your kid need an eye exam?

If you’re with your kids today and you notice them squinting, rubbing their eyes, or otherwise acting like something doesn’t feel quite right, they may need an eye exam. While this may seem scary, don’t worry! You can have your kid’s eyes exams in Mississauga as early as six months of age to make sure there are no issues with their eyes. We can also treat their eyes early for any health issues that are detected during their exam.

What to expect during your kid’s first eye exam.

Eye exams aren’t painful at all, and they can help your children see better than ever. Kids are like sponges – they soak in everything around them. That’s why it’s important to make sure they have their kids eye exam as soon as possible. This is the time when any problems can be detected, and through early detection your child may have a better chance at preserving vision for years to come.

We’ll take a look at what you can expect during an eye exam for kids and what signs that might indicate the need for a check-up with an optometrist. By following these tips on what to expect at your child’s first eye exam , you can be sure that everyone will get the most out of this experience!

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Kid's eye exam in Mississauga

What will the eye exam entail?

The kids eye exam Mississauga is done by an optometrist in a professional setting. The eye doctor will start by asking the child a few questions about their vision, lifestyle and family medical history. Afterwards, the exam will begin with an assessment of the patient’s eyes with a pupil dilation.

Eye tests on your child include testing their visual acuity at varying distances, being able to comfortably and accurately focus on objects, developing comfortable and accurate eye teaming skills, and accurately moving their eyes.  The doctor will also examine for any redness or discharge from the eye. Next, your child may need to be measured for eyeglasses as well as have their visual acuity tested with a chart that consists of different lines in various sizes.

How to prepare your kid for the eye exam.

Now that your child is old enough for an eye exam, it may be time to start talking about the process with them. One way to do this is by reading a book or discussing what to expect.

Topics you should cover are:
What should I expect when I see the eye doctor for the first time?  What will happen during my first visit to the optometrist?  Where will we go for a kids eye exam Mississauga?  Will I need reading glasses or contacts?  Why is It important that I get regular check-ups with my optometrist even if I wear glasses or contacts daily?

Children's eye health in mississauga.
What to do after your kid's first eye exam.

After the eye exam

Once the exam is complete, your Dr. Arora will discuss a treatment plan that best suits your child. If they require glasses, they’ll be able to give you recommendations on frames and lenses that are right for their age and lifestyle. If your child is in need of glasses, we have a great selection for children here at our office. If your child has special needs or is involved in sports, we have special contacts that can be made just for them and their unique needs. They may also recommend treatments like eyewear with special coatings or supplements. Overall, it’s a very informative process that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to treating your child’s eyesight!

If you are worried about the of your child’s eye care, the Ontario government does cover the cost of eye exams for children under the age of 19.

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