Does Your Child Need Glasses?

Dr. Arora cares deeply for her young patients and works, with her staff, to ensure that they get the most care from her children’s eye doctor services.

Kids Eye Exam Mississauga

Having your child come in for an eye exam is just as important as taking them to their yearly medical exam. 80 percent of their learning is visual. Once your child starts school, they need to get an eye exam at least once a year to get their vision checked. If there is something wrong with your child’s eyes, it will affect their academics at some point in time. Even though eye screenings take place at schools, they are not as comprehensive as an eye exam at an eye doctor’s office.

children's eye exam mississauga

We can quickly detect if something is wrong with your child’s eyes during their exam, as well as monitor their sight to see if they are in need of eyeglasses or contacts. We can detect and treat eye problems in a timely manner when you bring your child in for their yearly eye exams and checkups.

Find out if your child needs glasses

To make the most out of children’s eye health care services, you can have your child’s eyes checked as early as six months of age to make sure there are no issues with their eyes. We can also treat their eyes early for any health issues that are detected during their exam.

We will be performing specific tests on your child’s eyes to make sure they are at their optimal health. Eye tests on your child include testing their visual acuity at varying distances, being able to comfortably and accurately focus on objects, developing comfortable and accurate eye teaming skills, and accurately moving their eyes.
Give us as much information as possible about your child and family’s health history at our initial appointment. Please let us know if your child has shown any poor eye tracking skills, prematurity, having a hard time keeping eye contact, motor development that is delayed, frequent blinking and eye rubbing.

If your child is in need of glasses, we have a great selection for children here at our office. If your child has special needs or is involved in sports, we have special contacts that can be made just for them and their unique needs.
If you are worried about the of your child’s eye care, the government does cover the cost of eye exams for children.

Make an Appointment with Us

Make an appointment with us at your earliest convenience so that we can make sure your child’s eyes are healthy and that there are no issues with their vision. You can call our office at at 905-821-3576, or fill out our online appointment form from the comfort and convenience of home. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our children’s eye care services or our facility. We are here to help you and your family!